Third World Person ... First World Problems

Third World Person… first world problems focuses on the struggles that students from third world countries/ the global south encounter when they move to first world / developed countries

Today's Flavor: Saltiness and Broken Promises

I don't think there is anyone in the world that can make me as mad as Kenyans do. I mean my family does, but they're Kenyans and this leads me to conclude that as a people we are just a nuisance.

I'd already felt some type of way because they brought Burna Boy to Kenya when I wasn't there. Then he called them peasants, and I was like isok.

The week after they had AKA and Nneka perform at Blankets and Wine. I'm not going to lie I felt hella salty. Especially, because it seemed as though everyone and their mothers was watching AKA while I was stuck indoors doing homework.

Then they bring Diplo. Now I'm not a huge fan of techno/house/electronic etc... but I would have liked the opportunity to choose not to go to the concert. Not have the choice made for me. 

I mean I lived in the country for a good chunk of my life and they never brought Chris Brown. But once I leave the country they  know how to bring him, 2 Chainz, Wizkid and everybody else I would have wanted to see if I was in Kenya.


Now they are having party nominations and it's just out of this world. This is a peak Kenyan election and I am not there to witness it.

Most people are not usually salty about missing elections but I love politics, especially Kenyan politics. 

I've been waiting to cast my vote since I was fifteen and then Kenyans ruined it by having shambolic elections in 2007. So the dates were shifted and I was underage by less than six months for the next general election.

This would have been my first general election. The first time my political opinion was more than a drifting voice in the wind. This was my time to flourish. But no, the Kenyan electoral system couldn't wait until the second to last day to the election for people to register to vote. Such selfish people.

The recent primary nominations have shown that Kenyans are anything but ready to conduct free and fair elections. I will admit that these are party primaries held by the parties themselves and not the election governing body, IEBC. The sad thing is that even IEBC is no better, it's like the Wikipedia of election governing bodies. You can find the outline of what you should be doing but you should by no means be copying the way they do things. #TBT 2013 general election. #Any drama that has followed IEBC since it was founded.

What makes me even saltier about the nomination process is that it's like a drama playing out on tv screens that I can't watch properly because the live stream cuts out. 

The audacity that Kenyan politicians have is out of this world. Incumbent governors harassing the chief returning officer to announce results when the ballots haven't been counted. People being found stuffing, stealing, and borrowing ballot boxes. Ballot boxes not arriving at polling stations at the right time. The voting process starting late and taking forever. Two nominees for a position being declared even though there should only be one. Winners being declared even though some results have not been released or counted. Lastly, my all time favorite, the losers being declared the winner. Even though everyone... even the aliens know, those ballots did not have their name in any majority. 

Kenyans, why are we like this?

Why do we let them disrespect us like this and still put them in office?

It makes no sense at all.

It makes me look bad since I wrote that I had faith in the process. I had faith in Kenyans. 

It makes us all look bad in general. 

The sad thing is I don't know whether to blame the people or the politicians. 

How can you be so disrespectful as to impose yourself on people who said they don't want you and it's not even the presidency?

How Sway?

It's not even that they are stealing, it's that they are stealing with such disregard.

Even Mobutu Sese Seko, the Congolese dictator. I repeat, the Congolese dictator who stole millions from his people knew not to steal so blatantly. 

In his wise words "if you must steal, steal a little cleverly, in a nice way."

Please Kenyans if we're going to be robbed, let us make them work hard to rob us.